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How do Solar PV panels work?

Light from the sun, or more specifically, photons from the sun (aka solar energy) hit the photovoltaic (PV) array which causes an electric current to be generated.  This process is the result of atoms becoming excited, allowing the flow or shifting of electrons to take place within a PV cell. Thousands of these cells are linked together to produce more current in the solar module or solar panel.  The current generated is direct current or DC. This is run through the Inverter to convert it to usable AC power. This AC runs all of the 230v appliances or electric vehicles within your premesis.

Blue Sky


  • Solar panels are mounted to your roof, or placed in your garden

  • These are connected to the electrical appliances in your house

  • The PV panels produce DC current from sunlight

  • This is run through the Inverter to convert it to usable AC power

  • This AC runs all of the 230v appliances or electric vehicles

  • If more power is ever required at any given time, it can be taken from the battery first, and only from the grid, as a last resort


Domestic Solar PV Grants - Up to €2,400

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