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Use Your Farm Shed Roof to Generate Your Electricity

Solar PV products for Irish Farms and Agriculture
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With the high cost of electricity that continues to increase year on year, many farms are under a lot of pressure to maintain profitability. At Laltec PV Solar, we install Solar PV for Dairy, Beef, Piggery & Poultry Farms. Solar PV (photovoltaic) is fast becoming Ireland’s most cost effective renewable energy solution by slashing high electricity bills.


The crisis for energy intensive farms

If you operate dairy, beef, Piggery or poultry farms, it’s likely that energy is one of your biggest costs for running your farm. Similarly, farms that need specialist equipment to chill/store produce, heat/generate hot water will also have the same concerns, with these costs – increased annually by the energy companies – threatening your profit margins.

The Benefits of Solar PV Panels For Your Farm

Reduce Operating Costs

Protect Against Carbon Tax


Grants Available

Why should I consider Solar Panels to power my farm?

Imagine if your farm was powered by daylight!

Here at Laltec Pv Solar we can make that a reality for you.

  • Well the first and most obvious reason is to help control rising energy costs

  • Another good reason is to help reduce costly carbon emissions associated with your farm

  • To avail of the TAMS and SEAI Grants while available

  • To help improve the farms environmental credentials.

  • To help your farm to grow in a sustainable manner

  • Significantly reduce Electricity cost

  • Payback period as low as 4-7 years 

  • Accelerated capital allowances

  • Battery systems available

  • Protect against carbon tax

We can also help you to arrange your grant to cover 30-60% of the total costs.


We handle the full process from enquiry, to installation, right through to post-installation maintenance

Wine Farm
Now is the time to take advantage of the new grant support scheme for on-farm renewables

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