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Commercial Building at Night

Switch your business to Free, renewable energy.

Our Mission is to give companies a clean green energy solution to build and develop a sustainable future

Why Install Photovoltaic Panels for your business?

  • Reduce your electricity costs by approximately €2000 to €7500 per year

  • Return on investment possible in less than 2.5years (ROI over 40%)

  • Increase your commercial property value

  • Maintenance free

  • Avail of Advanced capital allowance scheme or similar

  • Use green loans to cover costs

  • Easy to retrofit or on new build

  • Lasts over 25years—guaranteed

  • Suitable for most commercial properties

  • Does not effect your electricity – only less expensive

Benifits for you business

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Reduce Operating Costs

Your solar system will have a lifetime of 25+ years meaning the system will have paid for itself multiple times over.

Future proof your energy bills

When you install a Solar PV system you will no longer be dependent on energy providers and at risk of external electricity price fluctuations.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Installing a Solar PV system means you can now produce clean, green renewable energy, reducing your carbon emissions.

Grant options available to suit all projects

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